Predavanje za studente Pedagoškog fakulteta Univerziteta u Bihaću

Tema: Higher Learning Critical Thinking Skills and How to Teach Those

Četvrtak, 1. 11. 2018. godine u 13.00 , uč. br. 1.

Predavač: Holly Zardus, Cultural Affairs Officer, United States Embassy 

Holly Zardus has been a diplomat for almost 10 years. She has spent most of her time in East Asia, where she was a consular officer in Beijing, China, followed by a job as the Assistant Cultural Attache in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her background is in East Asia and education. She has a bachelor’s degree in China Studies and a Master of Teaching, both from the University of Washington in Seattle. Before joining the Foreign Service Holly was a high school social studies teacher and worked briefly in education reform in Washington, D.C. She is from the mountains of Wyoming in the United States where she grew up skiing and climbing in the Rocky Mountains. She and her husband, Tim, are enjoying the mountains of BiH.