Pozitivna iskustva dolaznih studenata po ERASMUS+ ICM programu

Ebru Nur Uzuntaş
Hello! I’m Ebru Nur Uzuntaş and I was a student for the summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023 at the English Language and Literature Department, University of Bihać through the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme. I wanted to share my five months long experience with you. Even though Bihać was a small city, I had so much fun and different experience here. From the first moment, it was not hard to adapt to the city because we have similar cultures and characteristics. Everybody in the city was kind and welcoming towards me from the baker to the waiter, from the shop assistant to the grocer.
When it comes to the university, all of my teachers were very good in their field. Also, they were all, Sandra Novkinić, Alma Huskić, Mersina Mujagić, Alma Pehlivanović, Naila Elkasović-Abdić, Arijana Midžić, Šejla Bjelopoljak, easy-going, supportive, helpful, and inspiring. It was always so easy to get in touch with them. They always explained our responsibilities and tasks clearly and made sure that we understood everything. Also, their lessons were so effective and interesting that I didn’t want to miss even one class. I think that I have improved my English even more thanks to them.
Moreover, I had an opportunity to have lessons with all the graders. All of them were so welcoming, hospitable, kind, helpful, and supportive towards me.
Sumeyra Kartal
Hello, in this writing that you will read, I will tell you about the spring semester I spent in Bihac in 2022- 2023 and my Erasmus experiences. University of Bihac was a good choice for me. We were in English Language and Literature department here with my friend. This was actually different from our department in Turkey, but thanks to this department and perfect professors, we learned a lot of new information related to our lessons. While we were learning, we could not understand how the time passed. In addition, we practiced at school because of the lesson we took with the seniors. This has been a very nice and exciting experience for me. I will never forget this wonderful experience in my life. Having my students at school and teaching them was invaluable for me. When I do this experience in Turkey two year later, I will not be stressed because I have an excellent experience here. I have made a lot of good memories in Bihac. My teachers and friends supported us a lot in every way. They were very kind and helpful. I will miss all of them. Also, when we were in university, our friends and instructors invited us to English Language Festival. We had a pleasant time doing various activities with our friends in this festival that took place in American Corner. In addition to these, we spent Ramadan and Eid Qurban in Bihac. In this process, our friends invited us to their homes. They are really thoughtful and friendly. I appreciate and never forget them. Moreover, we were very lucky to come to Bihac because we travelled to many Balkan countries. Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro were among them. All of these countries were worth seeing. I was very happy to have such a chance. Besides these places, I went to Mostar, Sarajevo ,and Bosanska Krupa. My favorite place is Mostar. It fascinated me so much. I am sure that every district of Bosnia and Herzegovina is worth seeing. There are many more places I haven’t seen, but I hope I will see them in the future if I have a chance to come here again. I am very happy to have spent a period of my life in Bihac with good hearted people. I will definitely recommend this place to those who consider coming to University of Bihac. I will always remember Bihac as my second hometown and I will never forget the people here. I would like to thank all my teachers for their efforts to teach us. I hope that I will come here again in the future to see my instructors and friends.